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Why should you build a garage

Our customers build a new garage for several reasons. They may have an excess of stuff that they canít part with and they are tired of paying for storage. They have acquired recreational vehicles that require enclosed space for the protection of the equipment. They may want an extra building that can be a rental for extra income. A family member needs a place of their own but canít afford rent elsewhere. They have started a home business and need a building for the operation after they have expanded beyond the home office. We have many customers that build a garage for collectable cars. Some older homes were built before the days of three or more cars per family so a larger garage is justified. It is a very good way to add resale value to the family home or investment property. The income obtained from renting out the studio apartment above your new garage will pay for the cost of building the garage and you have the benefit of a safe place for your stuff.

There are many styles and sizes of garages to choose from to allow the solution of any of the common reasons to build a garage. You can choose from one car, to two car, and more. You may prefer a single story, a single story with a storage loft, or a full two story garage with living space. The size will depend on your purpose, your available space and your budget. Your garage can be free standing or added to your existing house.

The cost of a garage can pay for itself if you are now paying for storage else where. A simple one car garage can be built for a very reasonable amount. Larger buildings are more expensive and adding living space is even more. The cost of materials including concrete is about half of the total cost and labor the other half. Many of our customers provide most or all of the labor which greatly decreases the over-all cost. If you pay a contractor to provide all the labor then the cost will be higher than if you manage the construction yourself.

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