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You will gain these advantages by purchasing one of our plans.quality garage Plans
All of our pre-designed plans are the highest quality, guaranteed, complete, easy to order, and hundreds are available now.

We have a money back Guarantee. When you order one of our Pre-designed plans, we guarantee that you will be able to use these documents to build your project or we will issue a full refund of the price of the plans.  Study or use these plans for 3 full months and if they are not useful to you, return the complete unused package and your refund will be processed the very next day.

Our plans are permit ready in most areas. We design to the latest International Building Code (IBC), and International Residential Code (IRC) codes which are accepted in most locations in the United States and Canada. We have a special California and Florida versions of each plan for our California customers. The codes continually change and we are frequently updating the plans to insure compliance. A few states have created their own code requirements. Many California counties are unique in their requirements.

If we don´t have it, We will create it! We have the capability to modify all of our plans to fit your needs. All Plans can be modified to meet your individual needs for a reasonable cost and in a short time. Call for a quick, free estimate. Order a custom building plan exactly matching your requirements.

We send plans out by priority mail the next working day. They take 3 to 5 days for mailing depending on your location. We can Express mail or FedEx pre-designed plans overnight for an additional price. We can Email pre-designed plans in Adobe Acrobat format the same day. The plans are formatted for 24" x 36" paper so that you will need to take the files to a blueprint shop or Kinkos for printing.

We send the building plan in the form you choose.We can send paper, email PDF files, or cad files. There is an extra charge for cad files.

There are no additional charges for pre-designed plans. A materials list, a mirrored version option and a reproducible master drawing are all part of our standard package. You may make as many copies of the master drawing as you need for your project.

See the quality of our plans before you purchase. Download a free plan to verify the quality of our plans. Many buildings have been built from these free plans.

We have great prices. You can still purchase one of our building plans for as little as $99.99.

If you don´t see it here, contact us. It is likely we have a plan close to your requirements.

We can make any modifications to our plans. The cost for modifications depends on the quantity and complexity of the modifications. Many modified plans are priced between $500 and $900. Minor modifications, are allowed, to be made by the customer. We send a master drawing with each package to allow marked up plans. The user may move a window or add a door to a standard plan with little effort and no additional cost. We encourage customers to make many other simple modifications to save the cost of a custom plan. Many changes may be as easy as changing one number.

To order: From the sales drawing of the plan click on "Order Now" to communicate your information through a secure connection. We accept payment from Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. You may call and place your order directly.

The Plan Package contains all the views, details, and notes that you should need to build the building. You get the master drawing on 24" x 36" vellum which has floor plan, roof plan, foundation plan, elevations, cross sections, details, and notes. A material list, beam information, invoice and letter are included and shipped in a 3" x 3" x 24" cardboard box.

A typical package includes:

  • All exterior elevations
  • Detailed floor Plans at 1/4" scale
  • Detailed roof plan at 1/4" scale
  • Detailed foundation plan at 1/4" scale
  • Cross sections and miscellaneous details
  • Notes and specifications
  • Beam calculations ( not available in California )
  • Materials list including lumber and concrete

A materials list is a standard part of each plan package. There is no additional charge. Download a free materials list to help cost your project. The materials list details all major lumber, concrete, roofing, siding, and steel brackets. It is missing nails, windows, doors, and other miscellaneous components. The purpose of the materials list is to allow a supplier to provide a cost of materials for planning purposes and to allow a basic materials package to be ordered. The actual materials with vary from the list due to individual builder practices, local area driven substitutions, or customer contingencies. We do not warrantee the accuracy of the materials list. The customer should verify the materials list before purchasing the material.

We provide the master drawing on 24" x 36", vellum and permission to make as many copies as you need for your project. You take the master drawing to a blueprint shop for copying. Typically a copy will cost about $2.00 in your area. This also allows you to make minor changes to the plan before making copies. Your planning department may require one to five copies. You will want copies for contractors.

What our customers say about the excellent quality of our service.

Just want to let you know that our Building plans were approved (with the variance for the stairway) in only 2 weeks, by Lewis County. We have the septic in, and Power and Water usable on the property, and have excavated for the foundation. Thank you for working with us to get to this stage.
Linda &Don

The garage you guys designed for me turned out to be a beautiful structure, I get a lot of complements. I love the space it has on the inside and upstairs. The space is very efficient, spacious and proportional Thanks for your help and patience with all the changes we had to do until it took its final shape.

I want to thank you for the excellent plans. Layout & plans were the best my builder has seen of the dozens of previous plans he has used from other architects. Also, your plans were less expensive than plans he has gotten from other sources. Thanks for providing a quality product at a very reasonable price.

The permit tech at King County really liked the quality of the plans and were “the best he has ever seen”.

I got a copy of the “Free Cabin Plans”. I submitted them to the building department and they went right through. Thank you for the quick service. It was greatly appreciated. I will begin building the cabin in the next couple of months.

Thank you. I did find the plans to be very thorough and detailed. I’ll be looking for more in the future. Thanks again,

Thanks.....I looked at alot of garage plan sites today and yours is the best.