Carport Plans

Build your carport from one of these great plans

Carports are a great choice if you just need to keep things covered with a roof. A Carport is a simple and inexpensive build. When you provide the width and length, overall height and clearance height You´ll get the plan you were searching for.

Choose from four of the most common roof styles. The size determines whether you will need a one or two car. A few days after your purchase we email a preliminary design for you to make adjustments. Once approved we will make lumber calculations, create a materials list and mail paper plans.

Our Blueprints are designed to be submited to your local building department. They may also be used to get quotes from contractors and are used for pricing and purchasing materials. All our plans include both a framed roof and a truss roof. Both options are included in the materials list. Each carport has two of the most common footing types to choose from. We provide elevations, footing details and an optional concrete floor. A framing plan, bracing details, a cross section and references to national codes are all part of the standard package.

More information about what you will receive

Single Carport Roof Styles

A single car carport will accommodate one car or two cars depending on the length. Smaller single car port sizes vary. The width ranges from 12-16 feet. the length ranges from 20 to 30 feet. You choose your roof style

Carport Gable Entry

One Car Gable Entry

Price: $139.00
Carport Eave Entry

One Car Eave Entry

Price: $139.00
Carport Hip Roof

One Car Hip Roof

Price: $139.00
Carport Flat Roof

One Car Flat Roof

Price: $139.00

Double Carport Roof Styles

A Double car carport will accommodate two cars or four cars depending on the length. Larger double car port sizes vary. The width ranges from 18-26 feet. the length ranges from 20 to 30 feet. You choose your roof style

Two Car Carport Gable Entry

Two Car Gable Entry

Price: $179.00
Two Car Carport Eave Entry

Two Car Eave Entry

Price: $179.00
Two Car Carport Hip Roof

Two Car Hip Roof

Price: $179.00
Two Car Carport Flat Roof

Two Car Flat Roof

Price: $179.00

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Free Carport Plan

Width - 12´ Length - 20´
Roof Pitch - 4/12 Clearance - 9´

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