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Pole Barn Plans

Pole Barn Plans

Pole barn construction can be more affordable than conventional construction methods. Quick construction time and efficient use of materials are some advantages of pole barn construction and makes it the building of choice for many uses. Nearly all pole barn plans are custom plans and they usually cost between $350 and $800 depending on size and complexity.

Pole barns are typically used for a garages, horse arenas, storage units, warehouse facilities, cattle barns or a place to store farm equipment. Walls may be added to pole barns but are not required for structural integrity.

Poles make up the outer walls and support the roof system, usually pre-engineered wood trusses with a roof sheathing on girts attached horizontally. Exterior walls may be finished with corrugated metal, plywood sheathing, vinyl siding, or other cladding. Roof material is generally corrugated metal but may be finished using any typical roofing product.

More information about what you will receive

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Gable Entry Pole Barn
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Eave Entry Pole Barn
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R.V. Pole Barn
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R.V. with Carport Pole Barn
Plan Details

Gambrel Roof Pole Barn
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Monitor Pole Barn
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