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Custom Garage Plans

Cad Northwest is unique when it comes to customization.
We make modifications to all plans when desired.
All Cad Northwest plans are digital and created in-house.

We provide many options already with a standard plan that allows customer customization of the plan. A single garage door vs two doors, mono-pour vs stem wall foundation, truss roof vs framed roof, and mirror image options are standard with most of our garage plans.

You can make simple changes to our standard drawings. Simple changes are ceiling height, roof pitch, snow load for a truss roof, a size change for a truss roof plan, move the stairway, and moving windows and/or doors. Most times it just requires changing a number or a dimension. Truss roof changes are simple because the truss manufacturer will make the design change and provide the engineering for the resultant truss package. Framed roof buildings are a little more complicated due to the structure. By making simple changes on our standard drawings you can avoid the cost of a custom plan. Possibly your contractor will have experience modifying drawings. Most times a custom garage plan is not required.

When a custom plan is required we take the plan that is closest to your requirements and determine the cost to modify by totaling up the features that need to be changed and considering the complexity of the changes. Most custom garage plans cost between $700 and $1200. Plans for larger buildings and plans for complex buildings are more expensive than smaller simpler buildings. Dormers, multiple roof planes, detailed living space, attaching to an existing building, adding decks, and complex features will increase the cost.

We collect your input criteria and provide a quick, accurate quote that will not change unless you change the input criteria. We provide a preliminary plan in the form of a PDF file sent to your email address within about a week and a half. You either reply with corrections or signal us to send the paper plans. Corrections are responded to with a new preliminary.