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Walls - 2X4 studs @ 16 O.C. with Horizontal lap siding (wood or vinyl)
Roof - 8/12 pitch, truss and framed roof with Composition roofing (asphalt)
Design Snow Load - 30#/S.F. live roof load
Ceiling Height -
Size - 16' wide X 27' long
Footing Size - 12" wide X 6" tall
Overall Height - 15'
Single/Double Door Option - No
Single and Double Door Option

This specifies whether or not this plan comes with a large single door or two smaller doors. This is an included feature with many of the plans. A 'Yes' indicates this plan has this option. A 'No' indicates this plan does not.

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Materials are purchased locally at additional costs. Download the free materials list below for costing materials.

Money Back Guarantee

We have a money back Guarantee.
When you order one of our Pre-designed plans, we guarantee that you will be able to use these documents to build your project or we will issue a full refund of the price of the plans. Study or use these plans for 3 full months and if they are not useful to you, return the complete unused package and your refund will be processed the very next day.

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We send our Plan Package which includes the master drawing or drawings which are printed on 24" x 36" quality bond paper, a materials list (with most of the wood, concrete, and steel), beam calculations (not available in California), an invoice, an instruction sheet for use of the drawings and and a letter, all packaged in a 3" x 3" x 24" cardboard box. The drawing has all the views required which includes all elevations, detailed floor plans at 1/4" = 1 scale, roof plan and foundation plans at 1/4" = 1, cross sections, electrical and miscellaneous details, and notes and specifications.

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The cost for modifications depends on the quantity and complexity of the modifications. Many modified plans are priced between $300 and $800.
Minor modifications are allowed to be made by the customer. We send a master drawing with each package to allow marked up plans. The user may move a window or add a door to a standard plan with little effort and no additional cost.

We encourage customers to make many other simple modifications to save the cost of a custom plan. Many changes may be as easy as changing one number.

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