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Cad Northwest Custom Home Design
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Customer Support

Use our customer support when you have a question about one of our plans or our design service. You may have questions about planning, permits, contractors, materials, customization, or guarantee.

Talk to the designer.

The same designers that create our plans also answer the phones so that your questions can be answered promptly. We should be able to answer any plan questions that you may have. You can discuss changes that you desire and receive an opinion about the feasibility. We can provide a total cost of plans for a custom building and steer you towards the most economical choices.

Frequently asked questions

Many popular questions have already been answered in our FAQ page. Questions are concerning our plan package, delivery, files, codes, and guarantee.

Customer input blog

Customers have asked questions concerning their individual project. This page contains the most recent questions and related answers.

How to use plans

We have a suggested way to use our plans. We describe how to make copies, where to obtain truss engineering, and how to choose contractors.


We use many technical terms and abbreviations on our drawings and support documents. This page lists them and their definitions.

List of known Building Permit Issues

Occasionally a customer is presented with a code, or permit problem that we need to address. This is a list of issues and their solutions.

List of local engineers

We have worked with several local engineers and have made available a list of the ones our customers recommended.