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Truss Roof Buildings

We have buildings designs that utilize wood trusses provided by a local truss manufacturer. The advantages are faster build time, less labor to frame the roof, less lumber waste, and engineering is provided by the truss manufacturer that may simplify permit approval.

A truss roof can provide a clear span of up to 80 without interior support. They can support many styles of roof including vaulted ceiling, clerestory, gambrel, flat, attic storage, hip, and cove or coffer ceiling.

In North America more than 60% ofresidential roofs are now built with wood trusses. In Canada, approximately 95% of new houses are built with wood roof trusses.

Wood trusses provide more design flexibility than conventional framing. Trusses offer an unlimited number of design options and are economical and a structurally superior choice to other framing methods. A complete truss package can be trucked to your site, lifted to the top of your walls and placed in location ready to install.

Different styles of building require different types of trusses. A scissor truss will provide a vaulted ceiling. The roof pitch is about twice the ceiling pitch. The actual ceiling pitch is determined by the truss manufacturer. A hip roof truss system is used for buildings with a hip roof. There are many options for hip roof trusses. The manufacturer will choose the best method for your building. A gambrel roof, which looks like a barn, and has two differrent pitches requires a gambrel truss. A flat roof uses either a parallel chord truss or a tapered truss. Most buildings use the standard truss with a double sloping roof, a centered ridge, and a flat ceiling. If the roof is steep enough then an attic or storage truss will provide an attic space for storage or possibly an attic room with a stair access.

Some of our customers have wanted to build their own trusses. We do not provide truss designs. Truss design requires engineering which is beyond our scope.