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List of Known Building Permit Issues

Most locations in the U.S. and Canada use the I.R.C. , International Residential Code, or I.B.C. , International Building Code. Our plans usually allow a permit, comparative bidding from contractors, and the successful construction of the building. There are a few locations that have adopted their own codes or plan requirements. We update our plan packages each time a change is made so that our plans have the best chance of resulting in a permit. Despite our best efforts, there are situations where the plan will not pass and the planning department requires engineering calculations and an engineers stamp. We do not provide engineering or an engineers stamp. If required it must be obtained locally.


There are several areas in California that have their own code and permit requirements. The seismic fault line travels right through California and the codes have been upgraded to require buildings, including garages, to comply. The codes have been modified to minimize building damage from wild fires. There are various different footing requirements in different parts of the state. We have three different California packages to comply with the latest California Building Code.


Recent hurricanes have caused an increase in the Florida code requirements. We have upgraded our Florida plan package to comply. Unfortunately the prescriptive code path does not deal with wind speeds over 110 MPH so that our plans may require additional engineering. We do include the Simpson hurricane clips on the drawing but with out calculations we are not able to provide proof that they work. Additional engineering may be required


Since 2006, The Ontario planning departments require that building plans of buildings larger than 500 square feet are created by a designer, engineer, or architect that has obtained a BCIN identification number from the province of Ontario. We have decided not to pursue the Ontario registration because of expense and distance. There are an exceptions to the BCIN number requirement. A self designed plan is allowed without a BCIN number. We recommend that you remove our title block from the copies and submit the package as your own design. A truss manufacturer, if located in Ontario should have a BCIN number which may work. Another alternative is to locate a local contractor that already has the BCIN number. They could, for a fee, allow you to use their number.